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Drawing a beer pint/ glass with realistic fizz - Page3
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Drawing a beer pint/ glass with realistic fizz
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Create a rectangle using rectangular shape tool. As before transform and warp. From the preset warp shapes at the top select arc lower.

Press Ctrl+T and right click. Select Flip vertical.

Again warp and move the corner handles inward to get rounded edges. Press Ctrl and click the layer to get its selection.

Create a new layer and fill with brown color as shown.

Select >> modify >> contract the selection by 10 pixels. Press Ctrl+Alt+D to create a feather selection of 4 pixels.

Press delete to remove the color inside the selection. Select this layer and the layer below. Press Ctrl E to merge the two layers together.

Duplicate this layer. From filter menu select pixelate >> pointillize. Change layer mode to luminosity and reduce opacity.

Create a thin rounded rectangle. Warp it with preset warp shape arc. Place it for the brim of the glass.





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